Paid Media Director

Job Description

Job Description

Single Throw Marketing is looking for a digital media expert to lead our team in the implementation and strategy of our paid acquisition program. As Paid Media Director, the candidate will manage all aspects of high profile and complex paid media campaigns, including all initial planning, implementation, monitoring, optimization, analysis, and reporting. The ideal candidate will:

  • Be a highly collaborative and encouraging team leader

  • Find, experiment with, and scale new ways to get our clients' customers deeper into the funnel, while consistently iterating and improving upon existing channels

  • Have an appreciation for what makes high-quality/high performing creative, and an understanding of how it can drive conversions to bring more leads to our clients

  • Have experience managing accounts with requirements for both national and highly localized campaigns

  • Demonstrates practical experience with the latest Google paid media tools and software platforms


  • Successfully manage every facet of our paid media accounts (primarily Facebook and AdWords, with the opportunity to grow new channels), spearheading the strategic direction of every initiative to profitably drive engagement and leads to our clientele

  • Oversee ad copy/creative (including tactical recommendations on custom creative and messaging for several different industries), campaign builds, and daily bid management

  • Track, monitor and optimize performance against key KPIs

  • Take ownership of an ongoing creative experimentation framework/program

  • Recommend emboldened new tactics, concepts, and approaches to inform the broader digital marketing strategy


  •  At least 5 years paid media management experience

  • Strong analytical skills, with ease using Google Analytics, Facebook/Adwords reporting, Excel and other tools

  • Extensive understanding of digital media trends and best practices

  • High energy, forward-thinking, and quick learner who works well in a fast-paced environment and wants to lead a robust, cutting-edge media program

Additional Information

No third parties or search marketing firms will be considered. If you think you're the right person for this job, then send your resume outlining your capabilities to jobs@singlethrow.com, along with any success stories that demonstrate your experience and ability to take ownership of this role.

Company Description
Single Throw is a full service digital marketing company. We expertly engage in all things digital. We have a stable of time-tested and proven Internet marketing services, imagined and executed by connoisseurs of digital persuasion. We do not outsource or white label the Internet marketing services of others - we do the work, all of it.
Founded in 2001, Single Throw was born digital and has been a pacesetter in the digital marketing space ever since.
Since the birth of Internet marketing, Single Throw has been an amazing, full-service Internet marketing company that has constantly increased the market share, visibility, and revenue for 100's of regional, national and global brands. Companies that can choose anyone, choose Single Throw Digital Marketing.
It's not magic really. While traditional agencies scramble to diversify their portfolios and struggle to understand and adapt to a digital consumer, Single Throw has known nothing but a digital consumer since opening our doors nearly two decades ago. Simply put, we possess an astoundingly predictable track record for providing Internet marketing services that help businesses predictably succeed in the most fiercely competitive digital markets.
Our key differentiation is our focus on outcome; on recording, measuring and reporting on intent-based data, buyer behavior and multi-channel analysis of the digital buyer's journey. It is in Single Throw's innate ability to see through the lens of your digital buyer that allows us to adapt, correct, enhance and accelerate beyond the very same average digital outcomes that you came here today to finally eliminate.
Clicks, traffic and impressions are smoke screens meant to lull us into to thinking that the marketing is not just underway, but actually accomplished. These "vanity metrics" unfortunately are never a substitute for proven Internet marketing services and are only where Single Throw begins.
When you achieve more traffic, more visits, likes and views, those are wonderful things - things most agencies would memorialize in the digital marketing win column. We would not. No one wins as a result of garnering social likes or increased traffic flow. Winning only happens when the gauges of transaction and profit move in synchronous ascension. When revenue is spawned from the melding of conversion and engagement, then and only then can high fives be shared.
When you choose us, our main focus becomes persuading those with intent to choose you.
That's the stuff that makes your digital marketing go beyond average!

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